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  • Cow urine goes mainstream! Emami, Anand Rathi cash in, BigBasket takes up distribution view more...

    May 6, 2016

    Go Pals visited Gou Shala (Cow Farm) to serve Holy Cow in the form of cleaning the Gou Shala and its environment

    March 6, 2016

    Our stall at "Global Wellness Meet 2016" held at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru from 26th to 28th February 2016.

    February 28, 2016
  • Launching of Goudhooli herbal incense sticks at Shree Ramashrama Girinagara Bengaluru

    February 25, 2016

    Launching of Natural Puja Agarbathis

    July 08, 2015

    Ayurveda Panchagavya free health camp at Gulbarga. Dr.D.P.Ramesh, BAMS.

  • Ayurveda Panchagavya free health camp at Mysore. Dr.Seetharam Prasad, M.D.(Ayu)


    Industrialist Shri R.P.Khaitan visited Maa Gou Products Pvt Ltd. Director Shri M.P.Sonika also present.


    Our stall at "Global Wellness Meet 2016" held at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru from 26th to 28th February 2016.

    February 28, 2016


  • I am 48 years old and I am taking Ayurvedic medications for Sugar, Blood Pressure and Kidney Functioning. I was referred to Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Kausthuba, and I am taking the medications for 3 months. My creatinine level has come down from 1.6 to 1.0.

    My medications include Bilvasara, Panchagavya Ghritha, Gotheertha Arka among others. I had cardiac problem also, and I had undergone angioplasty. I am taking Ayurvedic medications for the first time, and I am very happy with the results.

    Anitha Vekatesh, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru
  • I have kidney problems and had developed a mass in my right breast. Dr. Kausthuba and Dr. Ramesh were the first ones to treat me. My medicines include Haridrasara, Panchagavya Ghritha among others. I have noticed that my general health has improved. The size of the mass is reduced. My kidney problem was solved within 15 days and creatinine level has decreased from 1.4 to 1.0.

    This was the first time I have taken Pachagavya medications, and it has given me good results

    Saraswathi Krishna, Jayanagar, Bengaluru
  • We have been using your product, ‘Navavrutha’ for our 250 mango trees at our farm. By using your products, we have seen a significant rise in the yields and have drastically reduced our cost. We have also observed the quality of the fruit to be better than our previous yields. After using the product, we have advised other farmers to use this product and reap the benefits

    Gopalakrishna, Annapurneshwari Farm, Kadripura, Kolar
  • I have been taking Ayurvedic medications for liver cirrhosis, as consulted by Dr. Kausthuba and Dr. Ramesh for the past 6 months. My medications include Haridrasara and Panchagavya Ghritha among others. These medications have been helping me a lot. I would like to thank Dr. Kausthuba and Dr. Ramesh for their help, which has improved my liver function.

    K.S. Krishna, Girinagr, Bengaluru



We invite volunteers to engage with us to gain understanding of our mission and spread awareness about conservation of indigenous cows and panchagavya medications. You can dedicate your free time to work with us in any capacity and be a part of this revolution. Those interested to volunteers and to know more about our volunteer program can write a mail to us at engage@gouganga.com

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It is our right to conserve our heritage and spread awareness of our cause to maximum people possible. Towards this endeavor, we need your support, morally, physically and financially, and we invite support from enthusiastic individuals to contribute to this noble cause. To know more about our program, initiatives and how you can contribute, please write to us at engage@gouganga.com

Adopt a Cow

Our unified vision is to protect and conserve Indigenous Cows and now, you can be a part of this initiative, by contributing a nominal amount to adopt a cow. Your contribution will be utilized to provide them with food, medications and most importantly, a dignified living. Our adoption process is ethical, transparent and utilized for a non-profit cause. To adopt a cow or to visit our Gou Shala, kindly write to us at engage@gouganga.com

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We value your feedback and your opinion is very important to us. Your experience will help us to evaluate ourselves and make improvements in our services. You can share your experience with us by reaching us at engage@gouganga.com

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